Ever thought about buying a used phone?
Well here are 3 tips on how to make sure you take care of your hard- earned work money when buying a used phone:


Check the IMEI number at www.checkesnfree.com, select blacklist in the option bar then type it in (IMEI number is inside the phone in settings-general-about-scroll down and boom you got it)

Once you have selected blacklist and IMEI has been typed in you will see if the results show failed in red. This means this phone has been reported lost or stolen. Do not buy it. The phone will not work properly in USA, however, if unlocked it may work outside the country.


When you see the phone make sure it is in the MAIN SCREEN where you can go into the SETTINGS app and check ICLOUD IS EMPTY. If there is an email there asking for it to be removed, do not purchase that phone. If the phone has an existing iCloud and can't be removed you will not be able to put in yours.

Other times a not nice person will try to sell you a phone in the reset screen. The phone will just be like new and reset. When you try going into the phone to use it and activate, an will email appear locking the device and it won't allow you to go past that iCloud account. Then you're stuck with a phone that is almost worthless.


Confirm the Phone Isn't Carrier Locked!

It's a good idea to call your phone company before you buy to confirm it can activate the phone. To do this, you will need the IMEI for AT&T and T-Mobile phones or the MEID number for Verizon and Sprint. Then call your carrier, tell them you want to activate a new phone, and give the carrier the phone's IMEI or MEID number. The company should be able to tell you whether the phone is compatible.

Hope these tips help you fam #geeklove